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Cash Converters approached Epic to create a strong foundation for their future learning strategy. Epic delivered a new, engaging and effective LMS called The Hub, as well as two rich and interactive e-learning courses.

The challenge:

With 700 stores and several thousand employees worldwide, Cash Converters wanted to reduce the amount of time and resources spent on traditional face-to-face training. They wanted their new LMS to be the home for all online learning activity, so it needed to be much more than a blank platform from which to launch a series of courses. Meanwhile, all learners needed to be able to actively contribute, share and interact – with the content and with other learners – via the LMS.

The solution:

Epic’s solution was The Hub – a bespoke Moodle LMS with a fun, unique look and feel that engages the learner. Each page in The Hub contains active content such as forum topics, blogs, wikis or links to external websites. This interactivity all complements the two sixty-minute Flash courses that include a wealth of rich media and engaging transitions. All the learning is either social or broken down into shorter, more manageable modules, making it accessible to staff in 200 locations across the country as well as senior management.

"Epic understood our forward thinking right from the start and worked exceptionally hard to help us reach our vision. A strong understanding of our business mixed with great humour formed a wonderfully creative, fun and engaging solution which supports the key needs of our teams in a truly collaborative way".

Phil Lawrence Regional Training Manager
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The results:

Since its launch in early 2013, The Hub has 115 stores represented and a growing user base. Most importantly, the end user feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. One user said: “Looks great and will really aid us to improve communication, share information and have some fun with training!”

With a scalable, social and engaging solution in place, Cash Converters – with Epic’s support – has established the foundation for their long-term learning strategy.

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