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Epic created a fun and engaging course for Kellogg’s staff to explain the benefits of effective category management.

The challenge:

As a result of increased retail partnerships, Kellogg’s focus has shifted towards a need to better understand consumer behaviours and shopper needs. Kellogg’s emphasis on category identification and management training has been extremely successful. But with more and more staff requiring the training in a variety of global locations, the face-to-face approach was increasingly limiting.

The solution:

Using a tailored Moodle LMS site to host three e-learning modules, Epic created a visually engaging and graphically rich programme using Flash. The course utilised Kellogg’s rebrand to bring the principles of category management to life with a new and vibrant style. By combining fun slot machine functionality with more traditional statistical data, Epic produced a course which had something for everyone.

Kellogg’s is passionate about its business, brands and food and wants its staff to feel the same way. Epic designed engaging learning to clearly demonstrate the benefits of category management.

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The results:

After completing the course, Kellogg’s employees can adopt a category approach, which focuses not only on what the consumer wants, but on the behaviours and needs of shoppers and the requirements of Kellogg’s retail partners. The engaging and stylish content also reinforced Kellogg’s recent rebrand, while the customised Kellogg’s Moodle enables managers to track employee progress.

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