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Created by Epic, gomo learning is an e-learning Software as a Service (SaaS) tool which allows users to create their own beautiful multi-device learning from scratch. Epic's learning designers use gomo to create a wide variety of solutions, and is a highly versatile way to create content once to be accessed on smartphones, tablets and computers from a single HTML5 code base. gomo can also be used to allow you to maintain and update your content quickly and easily for truly hassle-free multi-device content creation.

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  • Imagine being able to access learning from a tablet at the breakfast table, carrying on where you left off at your computer at work, then checking back in on the train journey home on your smartphone. That’s multi-device learning at its best.

    We believe that learning shouldn’t be inhibited by technology, so that’s why we created our award-winning gomo learning multi-device authoring tool. gomo-created e-learning works on virtually any device, and it’s super easy to keep content up-to-date.

    From a single HTML5 code base, users can create content once for learners to access from smartphones, tablets and computers. Content is automatically created according to best practice adaptive and responsive design principles, meaning it always looks great no matter what devices your learners are using. This is multi-device content creation at its easiest.

    What’s more, we’re always working on new updates to keep gomo ahead of the game with new assets and interactions to keep your learning looking fresh and in line with the latest trends in multi-device design. Epic’s learning designers understand what makes a fantastic multi-device solution, and the fact gomo was created in-house means that we understand the authoring tool inside out to give you the best results with your mobile learning.

    We use gomo to create beautiful, highly interactive learning for a wide range of devices, meaning we understand what a versatile, dynamic tool it is. Many of our clients also choose to sign up for their own gomo licences, meaning they can maintain and update their content themselves to ensure their learners always get the most up-to-date training.

    • Design once, deliver to multiple platforms: We can deliver your content to almost any device you wish, designing content just once and packaging it up for the correct platforms. If required, the learning can even be packaged as native applications.
    • Cost-effective: As we tailor our solutions to fit with our client’s requirements, we feed innovations back into the core asset database. This means that we have an extensive library of assets to call upon which require no extra development. The result is a truly cost-effective authoring tool, with visible savings throughout its life cycle.
    • LMS integration: All of the content produced by gomo is SCORM-compliant, and is easily held and distributed by your chosen learning management system.


    • Bespoke themes: As well as an ever-growing collection of visually engaging themes, the look and feel of you learning can be fully customised so that it matches your exact requirements and branding.
    • Media-rich: We can create and upload video, audio and graphics files, using a wide range of functionality to ensure your apps are interactive and engaging for users.
    • Future-proofed learning: With gomo, you won’t have to re-imagine your learning every time your learners adopt new devices, or new versions of gomo are released. We can easily update your existing learning, ensuring it remains fresh, relevant and effective.
  • Lots of Epic’s customers like to get their own gomo licences to ensure that they can keep their learning fresh and updated themselves. It gives you the power to take control of your own content and give your learners the most  up-to-date resources for learning that only improves with age.

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  • gomo allows users to create their own learning from scratch with no programming experience necessary. The intuitive drag and drop interface makes it easy to build beautiful multi-device e-learning quickly and efficiently, making it the perfect solution for people who want a tool which is easy to use without compromising on the quality of the finished product.

    What’s more, teams can collaborate on projects to allow you to harness shared creativity and put everyone’s great ideas into practice. This really is the simplest way to build and maintain your own e-learning in-house.

    • User-friendly interface
    • Accessible version (desktop e-learning only)
    • Create SCORM-compliant HTML content (e-learning)
    • Choose between native (offline) and HTML web apps (mobile)
    • Use our downloadable preview app to review native mobile content for Apple devices, prior to publishing
    • In-built multi-device preview tool for HTML e-learning
    • Work remotely over the internet
    • Support multiple users
    • Customise the look and feel of your learning
    • Create assessments and quizzes
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